Shipping information

We offer a wide choice of shipping methods. Currently you can choose between following carriers:

  • Deutsche Post / DHL
  • DHL Express
  • DPD
  • UPS

The cost of shipping and available options vary depending on your location, the selected carrier and service. To get an estimation of your shipping cost, please use the calculator provided in the shopping cart. Note that available shipping options and their price depend on ordered products, cart amount, weight and other factors.

Delivery time

Products displayed in the HHTronik shop are usually on stock and can dispatch quickly. Typically we can dispatch your package within one working day. The actual delivery time will heavily depend on your location as well as the chosen carrier. Note that orders placed after Friday 11:00 won’t most probably be dispatched before the following Monday (or next working day).

Please note that the delivery times below are values we experienced in the past. We can’t guarantee any of these as the actual shipping process is out of our control. The word “days” refers to working days. Please note that most courier services don’t deliver on Saturdays.

The times listed below are typical transit times – on rare occasions deliveries may take significantly longer.

Type of service
GermanyEuropeRest of World
National Mail (Brief, Warenpost…)
only for orders ≤ 50€
2 – 10
EU Mail (incl. CH / Tracked)
only for orders ≤ 50€
2 – 10 days
International Mail (Tracked)
only for orders ≤ 100€
10 – 30 days
DHL National1 – 4 days
DPD1 – 4 days2 – 10 days
DHL Express< 3 days< 5 days (*)< 9 days (*)
UPS Economy2 – 10 days4 – 14 days
UPS Saver< 5 days< 10 days

(*) should be available soon

Please note that your order may be subject to customs or other import taxation if you’re located outside of the European Union! Check with your local authorities. Also, please note that customs processing may take additional time or cause processing surcharges by the carrier. These taxes, fees and charges are your responsibility, and are related to the country with which you are importing.

Note on International Mail: this is an economy shipping options which – while providing to-door tracking information in over 60 countries currently – does not include any type of insurance coverage. As such we’re not responsible for replacing the package should it be lost or damaged in transit.

Shipping discounts

Independently of the shipping method and destination we apply following discounts to the shipping rate:

  • -2,00€ for order ≥ 40€
  • -4,00€ for order ≥ 80€

– no negative shipping rate will be applied. The minimum rate will be 0€
– the order amount used to determine the applied discount is the total cart value excluding shipping cost, but including any coupon codes.

Shipping batteries

We cannot ship your order outside of the EU if your cart contains products containing batteries. Even within the EU the carriers generally DO NOT accept to carry batteries that are not contained in or shipped with equipment (UN3481 / UN3491 ).

We will have to cancel orders containing only (or too many) batteries because of aforementioned restrictions! Please excuse any inconvenience caused by this.

As a rule of thumb: add one “device” product to the cart for each battery you want to order and stay below 0.5kg worth of battery cells. If you have any question regarding this, please write us using the contact form.

Return to sender packages

Sometimes packages get returned to us. This can happen for many reasons, depending on which additional charges can apply for your order, for example:

  • entering wrong or incomplete shipping addresses during the checkout
  • failing to collect the package with the courier in-time
  • customs refuse shipment for any reason

We will offer to send you the package again (adding the cost of re-shipping plus any incurred charges) or a refund of your order (deduct of any incurred charges) as soon as we receive the package. We will hold your order for the duration of 5 working days before cancellation and refund (deduct of any incurred charges) of your order.