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Now on Kickstarter: Quarantine Occupation Kits

We’re back on Kickstarter with a handful of new products we developped with the current worldwide humane malware situation in mind: the HHTronik Quarantine Occupation Kits. These are four DIY Soldering Kits ranging from easy-peasy to deliberately challenging: I learn soldering Through Hole I learn soldering SMD I learn soldering SMD Boost Edition I.CAN.SOLDER SMD … continue reading

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Hello world!

Finally, our shop is ready for launch! Admittedly it took us way longer than planed to get everything up and running, but here we are! We’ll be adding new products to the store as we go, but for now here’s what we have: step up converters: µBoost and BOOSTer step down converters: BUCKster step up/down … continue reading