The good one USB cable (USB A to micro-B)

Our preferred micro-USB power cord! Super durable, nice to touch (metal connector caps) and good for quick charging – basically all you want!


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Ok, we’re nerds over here. We love to have a good laugh, so we’re regular readers of XKCD and while it’s been a while since Mr. Munroe posted this strip it hold true. Basically this USB cable is THE GOOD ONE! And the best about it: you can buy plenty 😉

The good one / USB cable


  • Useful length: 1m
  • Nice to use/touch: metal end-caps and a flat TPE coated (“soft touch”) cable.
  • Super durable: we use some in production to test the USB devices we manufacture. Some cables certainly accumulated a few thousand plug cycles and yet not a single failure to report.
  • Heavy wire gauge and gold plated contacts for quick charging (24AWG for power lines: 66 nickel plated copper strands).
  • Nickel plated connectors with thin metal sleeves.
  • Durable and no useless packaging = better for the environment! It comes as in the product picture, with just a cable tie to hold it together during shipping.

Need a quality USB charger ?

’nuff said show me that thing

We said we thoroughly test the stuff before be sell any of it. This often involves measuring, using and abusing the products, and in this case, cutting it open!

Wire strands of the GOOD one cable
This is how a good USB cable should look like! The two (thicker) wires we stripped are the power and ground wires inside the cable! Their wire gauge matters the most when it comes to quick charging!

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