Picoclick miniature LiPo battery

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These are our two battery choices for the Picoclick (they fit perfectly in the case too)! Eiter 3 or 4mm thick 10x12mm cells that come without a protection board, making them perfectly suited for use with your Picoclick or other miniature projects.


  • Typical capacity:
    • 30mAh for the 4mm cell (minimum 25mAh)
    • 20mAh for the 3mm cell (minimum 15mAh)
  • Solderable nickel tabs (the tab with the small dots is the positive terminal)
  • W x L: 10.0×12.0mm ±0.5
  • Height: 4.0mm or 3.0mm ±0.2
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7V
  • Charge termination target: 4.2V
  • Discharge termination voltage: 3.0V
  • Typical charge current: 0.5C
    • 15mA for the 4mm cell
    • 10mA for the 3mm cell
  • Max. charge current 1C
  • Weight: <1g
  • Max. discharge current: 2C

What can I do with one of these batteries?

Lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries are currently the most used batteries in rechargeable consumer electronic products. Your smartphone contains one, as do notebooks and many electric cars. What we mean is that your imagination is probably the limit.

These ones are really tiny ones that are designed to operate in low power devices like the Picoclick. Based on @maker.moekoe’s measurements, one of the 30mAh cells should last about 300 clicks in a typical Picoclick application, the 20mAh cell should last about 1/3rd less.

Be aware that these cells do not have any inbuilt protection!! This means that in order to operate safely you have to take some provisions. Here are some requirements for a fitting protection circuit:

  • Charge termination at 4.2V ±0.05V
  • Overcharge detection at 4.275±0.025V
  • Discharge termination at 3.00±0.10V (in order to ensure long cell life)
  • Overdischarge protection detection at 2.5V±0.10V
  • Overcurrent/Short circuit protection at 0.5A

The cell manufacturer rates both for 500 cycles (specified as 70% of the initial capacity remaining after 500 cycles in a 0.25C charge/discharge test with a 3.0V discharge cut-off).

Soldering to the battery terminals can be done, but should be quick and as low temperature as possible. Be careful to not short the cell while handling it!

Note on Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium batteries require a so-called CC/CV (“constant current”/”constant voltage”) charge cycle. Please note that shipping restrictions apply with lithium ion batteries. This means that you won’t be able to select our budget shipping options or benefit from free shipping when ordering one of these with your Picoclick. If both a Picoclick and one of these is in your cart we will apply a small discount to the shipping though.

Please note that charging the batteries in an unsafe way can be dangerous and cause fire or injury! Take precautions as necessary!

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401012 (4 x 10 x 12mm / 30mAh), 301012 (3 x 10 x 12mm / 20mAh)


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