Picoclick v2.2 by maker.moekoe

Picoclick by maker.moekoe is a ESP8285 powered ultra low power one button device to control the Internet of Things (IOT). Oh! And it has RGB 🙂

Available again! Get them while their hot 😉 (ships for free)

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We teamed up with maker.moekoe (@maker.moekoe on Instagram and makermoekoe.com) to make the Picoclick v2.2 available! Get your really, really small programmable IoT button.

New!! We do have matching batteries in stock now!

If you’re looking to get a matching battery for your Picoclick, search no longer: we have unprotected miniature 401012 and 301012 LiPo cells in stock now!


  • “Pico” size: 18.0×20.0mm board outline
  • Single button interface
  • Three WS2812 LEDs for visual feedback
  • ESP8285 MCU board
  • Four external GPIOs (as solder pads)
  • Fully integrated LiPo charging solution with a great protection circuit (including Over(dis)charge, reverse polarity, short circuit protection and more)
  • Chargind and programming via the USB Type-C jack (integrated CP2102N USB-Serial bridge)
  • A 30mAh (9x9x3mm pouch cell) battery is enough to reaches over 350 clicks. Note: Picoclick does require a battery to be connected to the power terminals in order to work. No LiPo battery is not included in this offer because of prohibitive cost to ship these internationally. Check out maker.moekoe’s website for links to matching options.
  • Ultra low stand-by current


  • The Picoclick is a one button device to control the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • The WiFi microcontroller ESP8285 is able to connect to your local WiFi and perform a task with an amazing speed of only 1.5s in average (if you set your WiFi to a fixed channel, otherwise it can take a bit longer)
  • The button can be used in several ways: single press, double press, press&hold, double press&hold, …
  • A visual feedback to task performing, battery state and whatever you want can be given through the three WS2812 controllable RGB LEDs next to the button
  • There are four GPIO pads on the top (button) side of the Picoclick which can be used for anything you want. Additionally power supply pads are available (VCC, VUSB and 2x GND) for expansion.
  • No deepsleep necessary: Picoclick comes with its own power latching circuit. This brings the off state current of Picoclick down to only 3µA (battery protection needs a few electrons)


Maker.moekoe wrote up a lot of details on his blog, including a few details about how the power latching circuit in Picoclick works. Additionally you’ll find a few examples over on his Github page.

There’s a Fusion360 model in the Github repo as well (as well as an STL file) of the Picoclick to make it super easy for you to build a case if you don’t want to buy one here.

Optional 3D printed Picoclick case

You can add an optional 3D printed case to your order by selecting the option above. The case is printed on a resin DLP printer using clear resin, then sanded to remove imperfections and to give it a nice finish. The resin used is a bit brittle, so some care is required when installing the Picoclick (and the case cover).

If you happen to own a 3D printer you can use our model as well:

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