µBoost – that tiny boost converter

An ultra compact 3.3v out boost converter targetted at low and ultra low power applications. Super low quiescent current!


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µBoost is a ultra compact boost converter targeted at low and ultra low power applications. Its input range and its very low quiescent current (< 90µA) make it a perfect fit for running your 3.3V supplied projects from one to two alkaline cells or single lithium primary cells (ex. CR20xx).


  • Very small and light: 8.4×8.4×2.5mm / 0.25g
  • Output voltage: 3.3V
  • Can supply ≥120mA within the normal supply range of 3.5 – 0.9V
  • High efficiency (typ. ≥ 80%, up to 94%)
  • Wide supply voltage range: 3.5V – 0.6V
  • Extended hold range down to 0.25V
  • Low startup voltage: 0.9V
  • Very low quiescent current (≤15 μA at 3V input)
  • Good line and load regulation
  • No surprises: full datasheet supplied
  • Engineered and made in Engen, Germany!

What can I do with the µBoost?

The µBoost is the perfect fit for low and ultra low power applications you want to run off of non-rechargeable batteries, like CR20xx Lithium batteries or 1-2 AA/AAA cells.

The super low quiescent current of µBoost allows for high efficiency even at very low loads and enables very long stand-by lifes. In addition to its low 0.9V startup voltage, µBoost enables you to deplete the battery down to ~0.25V in low current (1.5mA and less) applications!

Note: the current revision contains a silkscreen error. The printed voltage input range states 5V instead of 3.5V. Supplying 5V will not damage the µBoost module but the output voltage regulation will not work as expected and will supply voltages higher than 3.3V.

For applications with higher power demand, have a look at our BOOSTer or SEPICster (if you need step up and step down conversion) converters!

About the extended range operation in ultra low power application

Once started up, the μBoost module is able to maintain operation down to 0.25V under normal conditions and light load. Typically the module can supply over 1.5mA at 0.25V input while retaining good regulation.

If required, transient response can be improved by adding additional output capacitance (ex. 33 – 100uF aluminum electrolytic).

Once the output voltage drops below 0.9V the module goes to shutdown mode. Starting it up again requires the input voltage to rise above the startup voltage threshold. The regulator allows the input voltage to exceed the output voltage without getting damaged (while remaining within the absolute maximum ratings). The output regulation does deteriorate however. If such conditions may occur in your application, make sure the load can handle these higher voltages safely.

One more thing:

Our power supply modules are simply awesome because we design them carefully, with you in mind. We provide excellent datasheets so you don’t have to guess if it fits your application and generally don’t give “best case” specification figures. Instead we show rather conservative values of what is safely handled. Which means that if you were to push the boundaries, there should be a fair amount of headroom.


Additional information

Weight 0,006 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 0,5 cm
Output voltage(s)


Input voltage

0.6 to 3.5V
Startup at 0.9V
Extended hold to 0.25V (light load)




HHTronik / Staudt Technologies GmbH


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